Background Information

I have been doing readings for 25 years as well as “seeing” aspects of people’s spiritual life.  How I do this is once a request is made.  I begin to see flashes of pictures of different times, places and eras that pertain to the requester.  I input on my computer as I see it and the story unfolds.    I do not need to know your background, just your name and where you are from.  It ends up being very valuable insight for personal spiritual growth.  If you would like a reading from me, please request through e-mail at:  Each lifetime reading is $75.00.  I recommend three for a good overview.  It may take a one to two weeks for the readings to be complete and I will stay in touch with you during this period with updates on progress.  Paypal or check in the mail is the best form of payment.



One thought on “Background Information

  1. Carolyn Kennedy

    Had a most wonderful time meeting and doing readings for a VERY interesting group of women this week!! Wish we had more time to get deeper into each past life because they were super interesting!! Thank you ladies!!


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